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Existing IIS Websites

Question asked by ThomasHowell on May 5, 2014
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Existing IIS Websites

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     Hi all,

     I'm new to Filemaker Server. I support a customer that is looking to install a server, but they'd like to have a development/test site before going to production. The problem is that we do not have any servers (Windows 2008 R2) that are not already hosting multiple sites already. 

     I understand from reading the Filemaker Server 13 (that's the edition the client is interested in installing) that you should not install Filemaker Server 13 on a server with existing IIS sites.  My questions are 

  1.           What happens to the existing sites if you do install Filemaker Server anyway?
  3.           Is there any way to restore the existing sites into a running state after the installation either by reconfiguring Filemaker, the existing default site, or through some other means?

     Thank you for your help.