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    Experiencing "Speed" Issues with Remote Users



      Experiencing "Speed" Issues with Remote Users

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      We recently converted from FileMaker6 to FileMaker9.


      Since the conversion, our remote users are experiencing seem to be experiencing an issue with "speed". It now takes them an average of 5 minutes to move from screen to screen within the program. Sometimes it just stalls completely.


      Our IT Technician has looked at everything server side and believes the issue is the rendering of the FileMaker window.  FileMaker is running fast on the server, it’s just slow when rendering the actual (graphics) window in the terminal window.


      Anyone have any ideas?



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          Hi R2D2 (I'd try to fit in a Star Wars pun but I don't want anyone to cast e-stones at me :smileyvery-happy: ),


          It may help if we start by verifying the server machine's system specs.  Also, is this the same server machine that hosted your FileMaker 6 solution?  Are you using FileMaker Server 9 or Pro as the host?


          The first thing I would do is try a new test database.  Use one of the starter solutions and add 3, 4,5 records.  Does the same rendering issue persist?


          If so, I would verify that the latest drivers have been installed on the machine since FileMaker Pro 9 may not work properly with the older ones.  If the rendering problem does not continue, I would focus on the solution.  Are there any file references that have changed and can be removed?  Will a Compact or Clone copy work ok?


          Let me know how it works out!



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