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    export field contents in webdirect



      export field contents in webdirect

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      I am unable to do an export field contents on a field that has a docx or xlsx file in it. I have attached the test file I am using to reproduce the problem. I can export the pdf and png file but not the xlsx or docx file.

      Here is a link to the file I am using to test the problem:


      When using chrome I get the screen that says “Your files are ready for download. Please click the button to download each file:” I click on the button to download, the button goes gray and nothing happens, when I test in firefox it will download a file but the file will be 0 bytes.

      My server is Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with all updates run. I had server 13 installed before, when upgrading I uninstalled v13 restarted then installed 14.

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          Might be caused by your web server not allowing specific file types to be downloaded.

          Log onto your server and open up Internet Information Services then go to the Default Website and click on the Mime Types icon. Look for entries for the xlsx and docx file extensions, if they don't exist you can add them. I don't know what the mime types for either of those extensions are off the top of my head but you can google it. It's probably something like application\excel or application\word

          That might be the problem, might not.