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export field contents in webdirect

Question asked by typeleven on Jun 22, 2015
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export field contents in webdirect

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I am unable to do an export field contents on a field that has a docx or xlsx file in it. I have attached the test file I am using to reproduce the problem. I can export the pdf and png file but not the xlsx or docx file.

Here is a link to the file I am using to test the problem:

When using chrome I get the screen that says “Your files are ready for download. Please click the button to download each file:” I click on the button to download, the button goes gray and nothing happens, when I test in firefox it will download a file but the file will be 0 bytes.

My server is Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with all updates run. I had server 13 installed before, when upgrading I uninstalled v13 restarted then installed 14.