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    Extending FileMaker's Reach



      Extending FileMaker's Reach

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      Does anyone have any examples, or any info on extending FileMaker to work with a third party database provider?  I'm particularly interested in what types of strategies it supports, including ODBC, JDBC, Custom Java, ADO.NET Managed Providers, OLE DB, Web Services, or whatever.

      I'm also interested in knowing how critical it is that the third party provider be to a full relational source.

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          Robert Houben:

          Thanks for posting!

          You can connect to a third party database system from FileMaker using ODBC. Also, if you're hosting the file with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced or FileMaker Server Advanced, you can connect to and use a FileMaker database as the data source for third party systems via ODBC or JDBC.

          It's not necessary for the third party application have full relational capabilities for this connection to work, only that they have ODBC or JDBC support. So, as an example, you can make a connection from Excel despite it just being a flat file database.

          For more information on ODBC and JDBC functionality, you may want to take a look at the ODBC/JDBC guide, available here:



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            We've done the ODBC connection before.  We have newer technology based on ADO.NET and Java that let you retrieve data without requiring support for "SELECT" syntax.  ODBC generally assumes a certain level of ANSI SQL conformance, and the systems we're connecting to won't support that (correctly) without performance issues.

            I was hoping to use it with the FileMaker GO for iPhone, but the pricing model won't work for my customer.

            Thank you for the quick response.