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External Accounts in FileMaker not working

Question asked by hnajmaie on Jan 6, 2009
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External Accounts in FileMaker not working

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I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem and if so what can be done to solve it.  Yesterday, for an unknown reason (as of yet) My FileMaker Server stopped accepting authentication with external accounts, the exact error message being "The account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file.  Please try again."  I checked the server config setting and it is set to accept both external and internal accounts.  I logged on using an internal FileMaker account and looked at the privileges and they looked normal.  I rebooted the whole system and that didn't solve anything.  I tried changing external users and groups as well as creating new ones to no avail.  I created some new internal accounts to allow people to work in the interim while I figure out the external account problem and the new internal accounts worked.  I am running FileMaker Server 9.0v3 325 on a mac powerpc xserver running Mac OS X 10.5.  If anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it!