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External Auth Failure FMS 10 Good, FMS 11 No workie

Question asked by damondidit on Jun 3, 2010
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External Auth Failure FMS 10 Good, FMS 11 No workie

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I am attempting to upgrade from a FMS10 server that is running just fine.

Current server authenticates to Open Directory Server (10.5.8 OSXserver) as external authentication within the individual DBs as well as FMS10 Security tab. No other settings under FMS for the OD. The machine is set to the OD for authentication and contacts under Directory Utility. AFP connections work without issue.


However whenever upgrading, and recently a fresh OS and FMS 11 (10.6 client OS) installation on a separate machine I continually get the following error:


The account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file. Please try again. 



The local db Admin account that each DB has can login just fine, it's just these remote authentication calls that are failing on me.

My OD logs don't show any errors or failed auths.


Have deleted and recreated all OD groups, matched to shortname of Prov Sets under FMP etc.


Spoke with FM tech support and they had me change the individual DBs Security to load external accounts first, then local ones, all to no avail.

As it is I cannot use FMS 11 unless I want to add all my individual users to each individual hosted db.

Ayuda Me por favor - help please.