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External Authentication

Question asked by JUANDAVIDGIL on May 24, 2012
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External Authentication

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I have seen that external authentication is all, but intuitive.

I have a FMS 12 installed on a windows 2008R2 server that belongs to an AD.  I have tested the external authentication via the Admin Console to the external AD, and it tested OK

I have FMP 12 Pro installed on windows mostly on windows 7.


I have created, using the FMP 12 PRO, a group that would belong to users that are authenticated via the AD. What I cannot seem to accomplish is to add external users to that group.  I dont see that option on the FMS admin console, and neither I find options within the FMP that would allow me to achieve this.

In fact, a most odd thing (at least to my eyes) is the fact that if I put the in File Options within FMP, any random user with any random password, it just let me access the database, I used a Get (UserName) and it always returns Admin.

I am totally clueless here.