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External Authentication MOSTLY NOT Working

Question asked by eric on Nov 27, 2012
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External Authentication MOSTLY NOT Working

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     Just upgraded files from 11 to 12, and now serving on version

     External Authentication works sometimes, but most of the time we get a coffee cup and then a login prompt, and the server logs:

     Client "Student Affairs User (client-name) [i.p.address.number]" single sign-on authentication failed on database "DB.fmp12" using "Account [fmapp]".
     If I attempt a domain account manually, it usually logs:
          Client "client-name" opening a connection from "computer-name (i.p.address.number)" using "ProAdvanced 12.0v3 [fmapp]".
     Local FileMaker accounts work fine.
     Recently, external authentication worked on the first attempt; later I attempted twelve 12 before the external authentication worked once; later 9 times before success; then 4; 10; etc.
     We can RDC and login to the FM12 Server directly and consistently with the very same AD accounts we're using from the client.
     Besides the FM upgrade, we are now using a Windows 2008 Server. Our AD Server is 2003, which I thought might be an issue, but, like I said, the OS authenticates just fine.