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External authentication using Open directory on Snow leopard server

Question asked by FrancescoScarpa on Aug 18, 2010
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External authentication using Open directory on Snow leopard server

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Hello all,

I'm triying to login in a filemaker server using Open directory in Snow leopard server so I created 2 users:

first.user member of Domain admins, Domain users, fmsadmin

second.user member of Domain users and fmsusers (a group that I created in the directory).

fmsadmin has full access to the file, fmsusers has restricted access (data entry only).

I want to say that both users are recognized by the domain controller (both users can authenticate in a Windows Vista business machine, load their roaming profiles and privileges properly).

only first.user can open filemaker files (even if I change the group membership to fmsusers).

At this point I don't know how to set up the file security setting to fit my needs or the directory user settings in Domain controller admin pane: I tried to use group names, group short names (i.e. Domain users AND domainusers) and the users short names are equal to their complete name (first.user's short name is first.user).

Any help? Any known bug?

FMServer v2 on Win 2008 server. Client FM pro advanced v2 on windows Vista machine.