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External Authentication with Snow Leopard Server

Question asked by Ryan on Apr 20, 2010


External Authentication with Snow Leopard Server

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I'm not a true network admin, and do not have a lot of server experience, but my company is having me setup FileMaker Server 11 on their new server.  I have an open directory system setup in Snow Leopard containing about 100 users and several user groups.  It'd be really nice to configure FMS clients to use the LDAPv3 directory to authenticate, but after reading the Technical Bulletins, and help files, and trying multiple settings I'm pulling my hair out trying to get things to work properly.


For example, even though I set things up and my directory service settings tests run right,  I can never see any users when I enable a group from the LDAP in a database.


Since I'm at a serious disadvantage with limited knowledge, as the system and network admin, can anybody point me into the right direction to help me config Directory Service to work with FMS?  Its really difficult to translate information between FMS 8/9 bulletins to FMS 11 and even more difficult right now to find information on proper settings with Snow Leopard Server.