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External Data References for Hosted files, File vs. Fmnet

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jul 2, 2009
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External Data References for Hosted files, File vs. Fmnet

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I've got a small number of files that are normally hosted on server #1. We have a second server that regularly receives backed up copies of the files on server #1. What I want to be able to do is use the second server in place of server #1 should a catastrophe ever strike server #1. I want to be able to simply open server console on the second server, select the backed up copies, open them and go.


One Problem:

The files (10 in all) contain external references to each other--mostly so scripts/buttons can take the user from one file to another. (It is neither practical nor possible to merge all the files into a single file by the way...) I originally had these references set up in the following format:


Fmnet:/Server 1 IP Address/Filename

Fmnet:/Server 2 IP Address/Filename



When I test our emergency failover procedures, everything works but there are unacceptably long pauses when first attempting to open one file by clicking a button in the current file. Filemaker takes a very long time to determine that the computer with the specified IP Address isn't hosting the file and should attempt the second IP address.


As an experiment, I tried deleting the first two references, leaving File:Filename.


Now everything pops right up as expected whether the file is currently hosted from server 1 or server 2. I suppose that if I had two files of the same name hosted from different servers, I might get unexpected results as nothing now specifies which server is hosting which file. Since I only have the two servers and will never have the same file open on both, I don't see a major problem with that.


Anybody see a reason why this approach is a bad idea?