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External Images, FMS, and You...(Part Deux)

Question asked by acsauction on Aug 29, 2010
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External Images, FMS, and You...(Part Deux)

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Hi Everyone - one question before I slip into a coma...

We have 2 servers (both intranet connected via additional LAN cards) - one that our outside (cloud) clients FTP into and load photos onto (, and a separate server that runs FMS11 as a database host to those customers (

FYI: They are both internet accessible via IP.

We are trying to get the photos they upload to (ftp server) to show up in the databases which are on We're currently trying to use a calculation that returns a container object, but FMP always processes it as a local path, which of course, doesn't work.

I'm assuming we're pathing it wrong in the calc, but it may just be something else that I can't think of at the moment.

We can't use the web viewer because of the scroll bars and resizing issues, limitations, etc.  And, of course, placing these photos directly into a container makes no sense either, for the purpose of this question.

Any suggestions other than getting reamed $695 by 360Works for SC? Help!