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    External prob



      External prob

      Your post

      I just installed Server Advanced.

      I can connected IWP and PRO on the local LAN just fine.

      But when I try to access either externaly (just pointing to the WAN)  I'm havng probs.

      I openend 5003, any others to open?

      (I had fixed another prob.  I moved a databse from my mackbookpro to a NAS, then uploaded it to FMServer.  That only allowed IWP to run.  But if I then moved the DB to the machine running server and uploaded again, then Pro worked.  Odd bug, but the NAS probably is a linux ext partition and thats causing the hicup. )

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               Thank you for your post.

               Port 5003 is the only port needed to allow accessing of the database file over the network.

               It isn't clear how you are accessing "externally (just pointing to the WAN)".  That is, under Open Remote, try specifying the IP Address and the file name.

               It is possible that NAS is interfering?  Anybody else have experience with NAS?

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