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External Server Authentication using OS X Server 10.5/FMS10/FMP8.5...

Question asked by theboyk on Apr 28, 2009
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External Server Authentication using OS X Server 10.5/FMS10/FMP8.5...

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I'm wondering if someone could clarify the following for me?

I'm trying to set up external authentication (via OS X Server 10.5 Open Directory), running FMS10 and FMP8.5. In FMP8.5 I've created an account as follows:


- Account is authenticated via: External Server

- Group Name: FileMaker (which is a group create in WGM on OS X Server 10.5)

- Account Status: Active

- Privilege Set: Full Access


This works fine. Member of the "FileMaker" group (in OS X Server/WGM) can now log into FileMaker, no problem.


So, my question — is there any way to create FileMaker "accounts" for individual users in OS X Server or does external authentication only work via groups in OS X Server (thus, creating groups in OS X Server for the various privilege sets in FileMaker)? I only ask this because I'm only recently starting to work with FileMaker/FileMaker Server (taking over from someone else) at my current company, and I've always managed OS X Server at this same place, so now that I'm dealing with FileMaker and OS X Server, I'd like to tied in the authentication into a single location. But, the person who managed FM in the past had created individual users for everyone (as opposed to groups), thus I'm just trying to get my head around things.