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Extremely slow import for Server based FM database

Question asked by striper on Jun 6, 2012
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Extremely slow import for Server based FM database

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I have FM Server running (in another state) and the databse is hosted there.  Its a single file database that has dozens of tables and many layouts.

Each day there are 6 tables that need all of the records deleted and replaced with current data.

I would say between 3k and 9k records are imported to each of the 6 tables daily.

There is a script in the hosted database that deletes all records in each table, and imports the new data.

The problem is that when I run the hosted database from my machine remotely, and I try to run the script, it takes forever to delete and import the data.  The data being imported is on my local machine, so I know that takes a little longer, but the delete and import seem to go in slow motion.

Im thinking maybe I should dump the data files to the sever drive, but can FM Server run the script and manage the delete locally on the server drive?