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    Failed FMSAdvance 9 Installation on Leopard OSX Server



      Failed FMSAdvance 9 Installation on Leopard OSX Server

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      Greetings, similar to previous post re. Server Installation, I cannot get the Admin Console to run.  I have updated Advance Server 9 with latesrt Leopard patch, used Java Preference to select Java 6 and delete the Admion Console as previously suggested.  When going to launch the admin console > Java starting message>  I get a security certificate check > agree to trust > but results in failure "Unable to launch the application"  The 'from' filed is http://localhost:16000


      Sorry for being long winded but getting desperate - Advance Server 8 worked well on our old PC with XP Pro, but Server 9 on the MacPro and OS X is just not wanting to give access to admin console.



      This is the detail listing from the error message:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <jnlp codebase="http://localhost:16000" href="admin_console_init_webstart.jnlp?install=single" spec="1.5">
              <vendor>FileMaker, Inc.</vendor>
              <description>FileMaker Server Admin Console</description>
              <description kind="short">FileMaker Server Admin Console</description>
              <icon href="/launch-page/images/server_icon.jpg"/>
              <icon href="/launch-page/images/server_splash.jpg" kind="splash"/>
              <title>FMS9-Admin Console</title>
              <j2se initial-heap-size="32m" max-heap-size="128m" version="1.5+"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/admin-console-client.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/valuefield-client.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/linksupport-client.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/datechooser-client.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-jnlp-client.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-base-trusted.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-base-client.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-servlet-client.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/jgraph.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/deployment.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/MRJ141Stubs.jar"/>
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/http.jar"/>
              <property name="apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar" value="true"/>
              <property name="com.apple.macos.smallTabs" value="true"/>
              <property name="com.filemaker.adminconsole.ui.clients.showError" value="log"/>
          <resources os="Mac OS">
              <jar href="admin-client-lib/quaqua-filechooser-only.jar"/>
          <application-desc main-class="com.filemaker.adminconsole.ui.clients.AdminConsoleJnlpLauncher">


      Any help would be much appreciated. Please anyone?



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          I have the same issue.  As for my server Install it is on a PPC 867 G4 Dual running 10.5.5 and all corresponding updates.   The Filemaker Server 9v3 (Not Advanced) same error and everything.   The server is a fresh install and so is the FileMaker.  




          PS.  I WAS able to access the Admin panel using a Windows XP machine.  But a Intel Macbook 10.5.5 was unable and produced the same error above.   

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               Have you checked the system log to see what's in there regarding this? The error message you've quoted looks more like a plist or xml file. Be sure that you have the 6 tcp ports open in your server's firewall listed in this  KB Answer ID 6427. I had major issues with FMSA 9 until I downloaded and installed the Leopard full install from http://www.filemaker.com/support/updaters/fms_9.0v3_full_ESD.html.

            Also, I uninstalled FMSA 9 restarted, repaired permissions with Disk Utility and then installed FMSA 9 from the downloaded installer. If your server is intel-based, you may need the FMSA + SSL Updater. Be sure to read the install instructions for this update.