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Failed Technology Test - Error 22; Unknown error

Question asked by myeyemedia on May 16, 2013


Failed Technology Test - Error 22; Unknown error

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     Hi there, I am having issues getting a 2 machine FM server set up. The objective is to have a 2 machine setup with FM server hosted on a machine within the Local Network and the Worker machine running WPE, PHP and Webserver on an AWS instance. Here're are my configurations.

     1) Master machine - FM server, Win2003 running on internal local network (10.10.XX.XX)
     2) Worker machine - AWS instance Win2007 Server Datacenter SP2, not in the same network (54.25.X.X)
     3) Firewall rules between the 2 machines are enabled for ports required by FM, example 16000, 160001 etc...

     Issue encountered: In the Technology Test Page, when Test PHP Custom Web Publishing is ran, I get an error:

     "The PHP connection to the FMServer_Sample database failed.

     The PHP test was not able to communicate with the Web Publishing Engine. Make sure you have PHP publishing enabled and the database has the fmphp extended privilege enabled. (Error 22; Unknown error)"

     1) The FM components in the worker machine were installed using the  "Edit Server Deployment" in the Admin console.
     2) All lights are green in the FileMaker Server Overview page.
     3) phpinfo.php loads correctly

     Is this something you have seen before? Also, how does the WPE in the worker machine know the NAT'ed IP back to the FileMaker server?