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fatal reinstall of FM10 on osx10.5.8

Question asked by brightlight on Apr 21, 2010


fatal reinstall of FM10 on osx10.5.8

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i found deinstalling FM10, then reinstalling same copy from same installer cd on osx10.5.8 (on xserve) to be impossible.

What I did:

-run deinstaller - OK

-manually deleted /Library/Filemaker Server/

- permission repair

- emptied java cache

- run installer - results in "installation succesful. Do you want to deploy FM now?" 


Clicking yes, returns in safari not able to connect to localhost:16000

Problem: unable to connect to serverd

executing: fmserver_helperd
results in:  
 [1275] CreatePIDFile: couldn't open file for writing: /Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/
omniORB: Error: Unable to create an endpoint of this description: giop:tcp::50006
2010-04-21 12:09:41.665 +0200 [HelperApp] AppBase::GetRootPOAObjects() gets a CORBA::INITIALIZE exception.
omniORB: ERROR -- the application attempted to invoke an operation
on a nil pseudo-object reference. terminate called after throwing an instance of 'omni_thread_fatal'

help appreciated