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File 'could not be opened' (error 6)

Question asked by PeterLab on Sep 1, 2010
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File 'could not be opened' (error 6)

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i'm working with a fm-database  which is located on our mac server (fm server 5.5 / os-x 10.4.11). until now it was no problem to open and work with the database through our network using fm 6 on our client macs.

due to a crash of one of our client macs, we had to update this mac (mbp) to snow leopard. was 10.4.11 before. since then, everytime i want to access our database, i'll get the message '*Filename* could not be opened (error 6)'. all rights of this file are 'read & write'. if i dismiss this message i'll get the same error with next file of the database (database has about 50 .ofr files).

in the opening window i can reach the server and the database using the 'host' button, so it's definitely the correct file but i'll get the same error when trying to open the file.

from one of our other client macs (10.4.11) everything is working fine. 

unfortunately, i have to use it with snow leopard, so every help and advise is highly welcome.