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    File corruption



      File corruption

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      Using FMP Server 8 on windows server 2003 Standard When I reboot the server it corrupts my FMP file and it can't be seen by the clients. If i then remove it and replaceit with a back up it will work. I have noticed that when I turn off services first then it seems to be okay. But I did not need to do that in the past.

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          Do you use server console to close the files before you reboot the server?

          If not, you risk corrupting your files when you reboot. It's like a forced quit in FileMaker Pro. When the server re-opens the files after the reboot, it'll do a consistency check and then will fail to open the files if the consistency check discovers file damage. It's a roll of the dice each time you do this, you may have just been lucky before now or some latent file corruption has accumulated to a point where it now fails the consistency check each time this happens when it didn't before.