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File crashes after Server Switch

Question asked by JCrawford on Nov 28, 2011
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File crashes after Server Switch

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The obvious answer to this question is "please provide more information." But I hope you can point me in a good direction.

I've developed FM since 1991, was the server administrator until 2009, but have not had server-setup responsibilities since 2000. So I'm not very familiar with recent server setups. Also, I mostly use PC to develop FM files, as my customers are in a PC environment, and I have more confidence my finished product is the same as their finished product if we use the same platform.

I recently had a customer with a Mac environment instead. I developed the file on my PC, and then installed it on a Mac mini server. My contract specified I was not responsible for any networking, or to load files on the server, or to solve their networking difficulties. But I did upload the file to test all the users and then tested all fields scripts, layouts etc., and entered a backlog of data over a week's time. The file performed as I wanted, but did crash once when I swept the mouse very quickly across the screen.

A few months later, after the contract ended, my customer purchased another server and attempted to either migrate the file to a new server, or to remap the mini server to the new server. It's not clear what they did. However, after this event, the file began to crash very often, and they lost data.

My customer remembered that it crashed with me once, so they suggested the new spate of crashing files trails back to my development. Their own IT guy believes it is an error in new server setup and not the file. When I stopped by to look, I also noticed both the server and user versions of FileMaker needed the latest updates, too, and asked their IT guy to update those as well.

Bottom line - I don't want to spend a lot of uncompensated time troubleshooting their network, and my contract specifically excuses me from that responsibility. The file worked well when it wasn't networked (never crashed).

Does this appear to be a network issue or a file issue?

What is the chance that a file developed in PC and deployed in Mac would introduce bugs or errors that cause the file to crash? If this were the case, then maybe I have some of the blame.

Thanks for any help, even if you have to say I haven't given you enough info.