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File on Server 8 will not open on any other platform

Question asked by pchavez on Feb 2, 2009
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File on Server 8 will not open on any other platform

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We have FileMaker Server 8 running on Windows 2003 Server sharing many files. One file in particular has a problem when we try taking the file from the server (actual or backup) and attempt to open with a FileMaker Pro 9 client or Server 9. FileMaker Pro 9 client reports the following error:


This file has been improperly closed, checking for consistency...


"Filename" is damaged and cannot be opened. Use the recover command to recover this file.


Using the Recover command returns the following error:


The access priveleges in this file have been damaged or possibly tampered with. Please contact FileMaker Technical Support if the problem cannot be resolved.


The file remains operational on FileMaker Server 8. We can open the file remotely and access all data. This is presenting a problem as we look at moving all files to FileMaker Server 9. Any ideas?