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FileMaker !!! please stop introducing new versions faster than you can fix problems !!!

Question asked by ZoXo on Dec 9, 2014
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FileMaker !!! please stop introducing new versions faster than you can fix problems !!!

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HI All,

I'm going to try my best to not throw the developers at FileMaker under the bus, but there seems to be a disconnect between giving us great new features and providing a solid environment for end users.  

Every client I have that has upgraded to FileMaker Server 13 is having problems.  I have already put one back on version 12 and may yet have to return the others.  I am not here to try to troubleshoot an issue for you as I and so many others have done in the past, I just want to ask FileMaker to please release a version that actually works without some kind of workaround.  That many of your customers are happily working away with their new version is good news, however for every one of them there are many whose experience has been made very difficult in the last 18 months.  Between Java issues, Admin console issues and Apple OS update issues there has not been a solid version of FileMaker Server for quite awhile.  While I appreciate and welcome the opportunity to work long hours, I would rather spend them productively than reactively.  

An organization who has placed their confidence in the FileMaker brand is paying good money and receiving poor performance and wasted time dealing with issues arising from the golden carrot being dangled in front of them ( that being the latest and greatest version ).  It may soon come to a point where I can no longer recommend that my clients ( and your customers ) opt into paying for your maintenance or annual payments so that they receive the newest update, as it is turning my job as a developer into my job as FileMaker's bug reporter ( as it does anyone else who must deal with the semi-annual version updates, and of course Apple's push to keep us buying new hardware to keep up with their newest software. )  Somewhere in the push to deliver something new, is it being forgotten that your customers are actually using and relying upon your software to run their businesses?  I think when asked, most of us would rather enjoy a trouble-free experience than constant updates and new features available only to buggy and problem prone versions.

Of course, who doesn't like all the great new features, but at what price?  People who are creative and productive need stability in order to do what they do best, and constant interruption due to software problems really drains the tub quickly and in some cases stops production altogether.  

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that version 14 is not already on the horizon.  If so, what will it mean?  Don't get me wrong, I am 100 percent behind the paradigm that FileMaker offers, my only hope is that at some point I can spend the majority of my time actually providing my clients with the services they want instead of being a test subject for FileMaker's newest version.

And yes, I'm aware that all new software releases have bugs and sometimes it takes awhile to get rid of them. My suggestion is that perhaps FileMaker can spend a bit more time on their end so it will minimize the time spent on the customer end doing what in my opinion in the job of the software developer and not the end user.