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    Filemaker --> SQL server driven website



      Filemaker --> SQL server driven website

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      Hi guys, just wanted to run a set up by you to see if it could work.
      We have an office running FM server and about 20 users.. we also have a website, SQL server driven.
      What I wish to do is create a live link between the two systems. The website is hosted externally so a VPN would have to be created between the 2 locations.
      The purpose of the live link would be 2 fold... The fist purpose is for filemaker to host a catalogue of about 10,000 products. The 2nd purpose would be for the website to write any incoming orders directly to a table in filemaker..
      So my first question is would this set up work in theory and practise! And 2nd.. am I right in saying I would have to upgrade to FM server advanced for the ODBC support?

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          to get access to your sql server, you only need a working odbc connection.


          It will work, but ... odbc connection is slow. Every search in yout filemaker iwp will take many many seconds to complete. Every search will read all 10.000 records from your sql server again, even if the resulting record set will be only 1 or 2 records.

          And when the odbc connection is tunneled via vpn, it will be even slower.


          The better way would be to replicate your 10.000 products completely to your filemaker database, and make a replication each direction once, twice, or even more often a day.


          ODBC and IWP will work with Filemaker Pro, and with Filemaker Server (but better). FMP Pro has only limited sessions for Web Access, so when you publish your database publicly, you will run early into limitations. The sixth web user will only get an error message that tells him all sessions are connected. And Session Timeout will have a standard of 15 minutes, before the sixth user will be granted to get access.

          Filemaker Server can be configured up to 100 simultaneous user sessions, enough for many applications.


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            What you want is possible, I have used the ODBC connection locally to interact with the server.  The good news is that it generally work, I use it on OSX and I've seen people reported that it work on Windows as well. 


            From my own experience, the ODBC client driver for FM is also a bit buggy.  If you start to do enough with it, you will notice that it is quite different from other ODBC client for a DB like MS SQL or Oracle.  If you have a copy of FM Pro, you can host and share a DB through ODBC.  You should really try to run all the queries you need through that locally first and see if the driver can do what you need it to do first before doing the server upgrade.



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                 Why not host all the data in the SQL server. Just use FM as a "front end" to it.
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                @mikeyg79 ... the reason is: it is too slow for a vivid web site. Did you ever use Filemaker as Frontend - external Datasource - Odbc - SQL Server with many thousand records? I guess you didn´t.


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                     actually, I don't. I use MySQL as a backend. Plenty fast.
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                    yep, mysql is as fast as every modern sql database. my last post wasn´t against sqlserver or mysql, it was against the long chain filemaker, external datasource, odbc, mysql.


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                         FMI never intended ESS to be a complete true front end to a SQL system.