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Filemaker --> SQL server driven website

Question asked by liltbrockie_1 on Jan 17, 2010
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Filemaker --> SQL server driven website

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Hi guys, just wanted to run a set up by you to see if it could work.
We have an office running FM server and about 20 users.. we also have a website, SQL server driven.
What I wish to do is create a live link between the two systems. The website is hosted externally so a VPN would have to be created between the 2 locations.
The purpose of the live link would be 2 fold... The fist purpose is for filemaker to host a catalogue of about 10,000 products. The 2nd purpose would be for the website to write any incoming orders directly to a table in filemaker..
So my first question is would this set up work in theory and practise! And 2nd.. am I right in saying I would have to upgrade to FM server advanced for the ODBC support?

Cheers for your replies,