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    FileMaker 10 admin console not working



      FileMaker 10 admin console not working

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           After a power outage, and even with a UPS, I can't access the admin console.  We were updated to 10.xx from 9 and now I get the 9 admin screen but when I press the "start admin console" button, I get a flag looking for an application to start the script, then I get a failure that says "unable to to launch the application".  The details say, "ERROR Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar:".

           jnlp codebase="" href="admin_console_webstart.jnlp" spec="1.5">
               <vendor>FileMaker, Inc.</vendor>
               <description>FileMaker Server Admin Console</description>
               <description kind="short">FileMaker Server Admin Console</description>
               <icon href="/launch-page/images/server_icon.jpg"/>
               <icon href="/launch-page/images/server_splash.jpg" kind="splash"/>
                 <menu submenu="FileMaker Server"/>
               <j2se initial-heap-size="32m" max-heap-size="128m" version="1.5+"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/admin-console-client.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/valuefield-client.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/linksupport-client.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/datechooser-client.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-jnlp-client.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-base-trusted.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-base-client.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-servlet-client.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/jgraph.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/deployment.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/MRJ141Stubs.jar"/>
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/http.jar"/>
               <property name="apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar" value="true"/>
               <property name="com.apple.macos.smallTabs" value="true"/>
               <property name="com.filemaker.adminconsole.ui.clients.showError" value="log"/>
             <resources os="Mac OS">
               <jar href="admin-client-lib/quaqua-filechooser-only.jar"/>
             <application-desc main-class="com.filemaker.adminconsole.ui.clients.AdminConsoleJnlpLauncher">

           Without the console I can't shut Filemaker down to do a machine update.


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               You may have to find a computer with an older Java version that will still run older Filemaker java code- I get the warning "This application will be blocked in a future Java security update because the JAR file manifest does not contain the Permissions attribute."

               You might try this-  go to your java control panel (Mac- System Preferences/Java, PC- Control Panel/Java). Then look around- on a PC click on the Security tab, click on the Edit Site List button and add the URL.  On a Mac, try Security/Manage certificates, change security from 'Very High' to 'High'

               Also create a new java application by going to (in your case) and downloading a new admin_console_webstart.jnlp (choose 'Start Admin Console'.  I have to right-click on the download and tell it to run it with java).

               I have had trouble with this in the past and believe the above fixed it- please tell me if it helped (or I should delete this post :). More information is at http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=57457.0