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Filemaker 10 server on VMWare ESX performance

Question asked by NickCoakley on Aug 28, 2009
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Filemaker 10 server on VMWare ESX performance

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Hi There,


A client of my company runs software based on Filemaker 10 server. The software package consists of approx. 20 filemaker databases totalling about 3gb in size and there are up to 70 users connected simultaniously (via filemaker 10 client over 100mb or 1gb lan).


The platform the software is running on is a IBM x3650 with dual quadcore 3ghz Xeons running VMWare ESX 3.5i, and is connected to a HP MSA2012i iSCSI san for storage.


The filemaker server has 4gb of ram and 4 vCPUs assigned, and a RAID10 array on the SAN of 6 x 15k SAS disks.


The host server never uses more than approx 30% cpu or 25% ram, yet there are SEVERE performance issues in the application. Often (at least once an hour) all clients will get an hourglass for up to 5min at a time or will be disconnected. There are no other known network issues.


The software vendor is claiming that Filemaker Server has known severe performance issues running in a virtual environment when under high load and that they cannot get support from Filemaker for systems hosted in a virtual environment.


Has anyone else had issues/experience running filemaker in this kind of setup? Is there a way we can troubleshoot this issue without having the passwords to look at the filemaker code directly?


Thanks in advance