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    Filemaker 10 server script



      Filemaker 10 server script

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      We just installed Filemaker server 10 for the purpose of using the scripting to import/export fields using the server instead of the clients, however, when the script runs, it does not import/export all the same records as it does when the client runs the exact same script. This is the only reason we upgraded and it doesn't work right. Is there anything we should know to get this running correctly?

      I am frustrated that this requires paying a priority support fee for something that is basically one of the only new "features" in Filemaker 10.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Even though the script manager indicates that Import Records is server compatible. In reality, it is so limited when part of a server script that it for all practical purposes, is NOT server compatible. I have to run my scheduled import records scripts from a client session for that reason.


          For a full run down on the bad news, see knowledge base article #7035.

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            I am running the server on OSX 10.5.6. This is a serious bug. There was basically no other reason to upgrade to 10 other than to run import/export scripts on the backend. I don't understand why it half works either.

            I resent that they wanted me to pay for support when this is a bug they already know about.

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                 What exactly are you trying to import/export? As Phil stated, there are some limitations, but perhaps if you list exactly what you are trying to do, we may be able to find a work around...
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                Thank you for your post.


                I just ran a couple of exports from FileMaker Server through a server side script, and all records were exported.


                What information is not exporting?  What are you expecting, and what is the actual result?  Including your script will help me try to duplicate the problem.


                In all fairness, if you want to speak directly with a Support Technician on the phone, then there is a fee.  If your problem is not urgent, then post here, and someone will respond.



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