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FileMaker 11 ODBC driver corrupting data

Question asked by pdevisser on May 11, 2010
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FileMaker 11 ODBC driver corrupting data

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The Problem


We have just upgraded to FileMaker 11 from 10. We updated the DataSource SequeLink ODBC driver to the one supplied by FileMaker.

At seemingly random intervals data fields longer than 28 characters were padded with `null` characters - char(0).
An example woud be:
     filemaker data: 772e025e7abec12ba0ef45cc21532d49
      data from ODBC: 772e025e7abec12ba0ef45cc2153\000291
We initially thought this might be due to the ruby code running on the websever as there were some minor code changes made to deal with the requirements of the FileMaker ODBC driver. But reverting back to FileMaker 10 and the SequeLink driver didn't require the code to be rolled back, and it works just fine.
Has anyone else noticed that this might be occurring?
Our Setup
      FileMaker 11 running on Mac OS X Leopard installation in our office.
      ODBC connection is running on a Mac OS X Leopard installation and connecting directly to the FileMaker 11 computer at our ISP.
      Traffic between the two is controlled via our firewall that allows traffic only from the specified IP of our web server which hosts the Ruby ODBC connection.
     We have a process that syncs data between FileMaker and a MySQL database via the ODBC connection. This goes through a subset of tables / columns on the FileMaker server and only syncs specified data fields. This process is a two-way process for most of those fields. Certain transformations are performed, specifically in relation to date/time fields. We are currently transferring between 10 to 250 records every 5 minutes.