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Filemaker 11 with Filemaker 9 server?

Question asked by jringold on Jul 7, 2010
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Filemaker 11 with Filemaker 9 server?

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Hello, thanks for any help with  this question!

Basic info:

Filemaker client version: 11

Filemaker server version: 9

Client OS: XP and Windows7

(also posted to FM Pro Forum)

I am developing on version 11, which the (two) client machines will  use. There is also a Filemaker 9 server which could be used, and that  has some advantages (access,  backup.) However I believe that I use some  features, such as portal filtering, that were not part of the version 9  client release. I'm not sure if the portal filtering (for instance) is  just done on the client side, and so would work with the 9 server. Are  there any other issues with running the 11 client and the 9 server?