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Filemaker 12 and Small Business Server 2011

Question asked by RyanJones_1 on Nov 27, 2012
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Filemaker 12 and Small Business Server 2011

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     Hello, I currently have a SBS2003 running FM9 Server (I Know, OLD), and wanting to install a new server running SBS2011.  While I know that FM9 is no longer supported and was not supported on SBS 2003, Is there anyway we can get FileMaker 12 to work with Small Business Server 2011, providing we uninstall Sharepoint services as described in another post in this forum?   I know that this is not Best Practice, but this law firm has only 8 users total and only 5 in really at any one time.  The server has over 16GB of RAM and a Quad-Core processor, power should not be a problem.  I am really concerned with the software side.  So, does anyone have this type of set up? Or does anyone have any sage advice for me? Thank you to anyone and everyone reading and responding.