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FileMaker 12 Host with FileMaker 13 client

Question asked by KevinSmith on Feb 14, 2014


FileMaker 12 Host with FileMaker 13 client

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     There are a number of FileMaker 12 servers that I can access using a FileMaker 12 client. When I attempt to access these same servers using FileMaker 13 I am successful in accessing most of them.

     At a particular site they running FileMaker Server 12.0v4 and sharing files using SSL encryption. I'm using FileMaker 13.0v1 and and I have manually keyed-in the server's public IP address and saved it as a favourite host. Unfortunately, even though I can access other servers with FM13, I am unable to see this particular server in my host dialogue.

     Please can you suggest some option for troubleshooting this problem.

     Thanks very much, Kevin