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Filemaker 12 SERVER and eMail -- SMTP

Question asked by TomCichowicz on Mar 26, 2014


Filemaker 12 SERVER and eMail -- SMTP & EMail Client [IWP]

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     I've got a application up and running, works great using FileMaker Go & FileMaker Pro as the client to send email with an attached PDF.

     On the iOS platform I use the eMail Client option, and the Pro Clients I use the SMTP option. If I connect via a Web Browser thru IWP I press the same button that triggers the script - and it generates the layout that is the one that the PDF attachment gets created from, but it never sends the email. I've tried using the SMTP and the eMail client option but neither works.


       I've seen others post similar problems when trying to get email working using a web client...


       Is there something unique I need to do for a web based client?