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FileMaker 13 Server -- Elapsed Time in MILLIONS…

Question asked by JustinRuzinok on Jun 9, 2014


FileMaker 13 Server -- Elapsed Time in MILLIONS…

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     We just created a web site using FileMaker PHP API, for FileMaker 13. When we were testing the webpages with one person on them we were running really fast and never hitting an elapsed time over 1,000. Now that we have 3 people testing, we have elapsed times in the millions and users are waiting about 30 seconds to a minute for a page to load. And to boot, its not consistent. So, its not just when a specific page is loaded, its at random times doing random areas of functionality. 

     The user could be modifying a record, or doing a find request. 

     Each layout only has 10-15 fields...

     We have done a consistency check on the databases and they are good to go. 

     We have a FM Server on Windows Server 2008, with 20 GB of RAM, 8 processors and connected to a 100Gbps network… 

     All of this is being done on an internal network, with local IPs. 

     I have done my best to put as much as possible into Session Variables to limit the number of requests to the DB…. But it is dog slow… Any ideas?