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Filemaker 13 Server on Windows Server 2012 Foundation

Question asked by DavidLudwig on Dec 20, 2014
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Filemaker 13 Server on Windows Server 2012 Foundation

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My previous employer used FM11 Server running very successfully on Windows Server 2008 Foundation (which I see was never a supported server platform for FMS). I am trying to convince my new employer to deploy a FM13 Pro and Server solution for 10-15 users. We are selecting new server hardware to purchase for this FMS plan, but I can't seem to explain to my boss why we need the expensive Windows Server Standard OS (as recommended by Filemaker) when theoretically it should run just fine on the much less expensive Windows Server 2012 Foundation OS. We do not intend to run any other Windows Services on this Server so CALs should be a non-issue, but why can't we use Windows Server 2012 Foundation (or even Essentials) for our FMS solution?

I am tempted to deploy our FMS solution on a high-end PC running Windows 7 Professional 64bit, but I see that Filemaker recommends not doing that either!  I am again being asked by my boss, why not? And again I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.

I would appreciate any advice or experience with these solutions that anyone has to offer.

Thanks much!