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FileMaker 14 ending  support to Internet Explorer 9

Question asked by RavGill on May 25, 2015
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FileMaker 14 ending  support to Internet Explorer 9

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Hey Guys,

                         We are using Internet explorer 9 in our organization as per our corporate IT standards and currently we are using Filmaker version 13 for the server and other products. In the new released version 14, they are saying that they will remove features like Internet explorer 9, so it means we are not able to use Internet explorer 9 with Filemaker products if we upgrade to version 14????.

We have developed one application in FileMaker with PHP as front end . I am wondering if we upgrade to version 14 then how we use that php application with internet explorer 9. Are there any security issues?? or We can still use IE 9 but only thing is that its not recommended by FileMaker?

I know one option is to use other browsers like " Google Chrome, Firefox" etc but as per our IT standards we are not allowed to use those browsers.

Link for the document where they mentioned about removed features :

Any suggestions , advice on this little complex  isssue.

Thank You.