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FileMaker 14 Server WebDirect

Question asked by MartyPellicore on Jun 24, 2015


FileMaker 14 Server WebDirect

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Hi all, first time posting so I'll try to explain as well as I can, my problems is I'm setting up a solution for WebDirect. I've been testing it on an internal server running Mac 10.9.5. I have now made my change to my router to point port 80 to my FileMaker 14 server, and works fine as long as I am with in my network. Any one outside cannot access WebDirect. (I have not try FMP from outside yet) What makes this a little strange is that I have an external web page that I go to that opens a database on my FMS 14. If I try from inside it works but if I'm outside it does not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!