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FileMaker 5.0

Question asked by agreer on Mar 30, 2010
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FileMaker 5.0 & 5.5 - Open Filepath Changing "By Itself"

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Sometimes, in seemingly random fashion, a button(s) to a specific table on our main menu doesn't work. Upon opening the button script, I find that the filename is incorrect - instead, its pointing to a different table. No one changed it (no one else knows how), and the menu hasn't been updated. It appears to have changed itself.


The main menu file is a local file saved on N (15ish) different computers. The buttons all reference tables saved on our server. This exact same problem has happened to multiple computers - Vista machines, XP machines, and OSX machines. When you open the Hosts pop-up window, the file locations are found either under Local Hosts, or the IP address of the FileMaker server - essentially, these are the same machine, but a while back the Local Hosts wasn't popping up and we saved the IP address because no one could access the database otherwise.


Has anyone had a similar problem before, or can you shed some light on problems that might be occuring during computer-server communication?


Thank you!