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    Filemaker 5.5 Developer



      Filemaker 5.5 Developer

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      Hello all,


      I have 5.5 developer running on a Windows XP Pro SP3 machine I also have anti-virus running on it.


      I have about 10 databases some are tied to our intranet and some are accessed by some filemaker shortcuts.


      My problem is that is keeps closing. I can't really say it's crashing as when I go to the machine all the databases are just closed out the whole FM program is closed. I look at event viewer and there is nothing indicating that there was a application crash.  I had it on a Windows 2000 SP4 machine and it did the same thing but not as often. I thought it may be the AV but I tried two differnt ones and I am still having issues.


      I can not figure this out, can anyone help?


      Thank you.

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          Let me suggest you to review firewall functionalities in your computer. Many AV have an "intelligen" firewall integrated, which is a good think in most cases but sometimes it could be a problem when any application tries to make some network operations.


          My suggestion is to deactivate firewall in your AV and look if issue is still happening, if not, then you can try to keep AV firewall off and try to install another firewall like ZoneAlam which brings you much more control over what network requests are involved in closing and opening filemaker operations.


          Hope it helps you in such as way.



          Best regards.