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Filemaker 5.5 Developer

Question asked by jaysonh on Jul 27, 2009
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Filemaker 5.5 Developer

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Hello all,


I have 5.5 developer running on a Windows XP Pro SP3 machine I also have anti-virus running on it.


I have about 10 databases some are tied to our intranet and some are accessed by some filemaker shortcuts.


My problem is that is keeps closing. I can't really say it's crashing as when I go to the machine all the databases are just closed out the whole FM program is closed. I look at event viewer and there is nothing indicating that there was a application crash.  I had it on a Windows 2000 SP4 machine and it did the same thing but not as often. I thought it may be the AV but I tried two differnt ones and I am still having issues.


I can not figure this out, can anyone help?


Thank you.