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      I uploaded a database to FileMaker 9 Server and in the Databases section, where it shows how many databases are installed and what services they're running, the one I uploaded only shows "Pro" as being checked, whereas the the sample database shows "Pro," "IWP," "XSLT," "XML," "PHP," and "ODBC/JDBC" as being checked. Ideally, I want to use Instant Web Publishing, but I don't have an Advanced server, so instead I want to publish it with PHP. How do I get those other boxes to be checked? 


      As you can probably tell, I am fresh-off-the-boat with FileMaker. I've never administered any database before, and I've been working with FileMaker for about two half-days. :(


      Thanks for everyone's help!



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          Thank you for your post.


          Open one of the database files with FileMaker Pro 9 (or 10).  To turn on Instant Web Publishing, Pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> Instant Web Publishing...".  Turn on Instant Web Publishing, highlight the file name in the lower left corner, and set the access to "All Users".


          You can also turn on IWP, as well as all the other options, by pulling down the File menu and selecting "Manage -> Accounts & Privileges...".  Click on the Extended Privileges tab, click on each of the options you want turned on (IWP, ODBC/JDBC, XML, XSLT, PHP), click "Edit" and set the access.


          Once completed, close the file, move the file to FileMaker 9 Server and open it.  Those options will now be checked.



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               Thank you!