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FileMaker 9 Server

Question asked by jstrauss on Apr 20, 2009
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FileMaker 9 Server & PHP

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I uploaded a database to FileMaker 9 Server and in the Databases section, where it shows how many databases are installed and what services they're running, the one I uploaded only shows "Pro" as being checked, whereas the the sample database shows "Pro," "IWP," "XSLT," "XML," "PHP," and "ODBC/JDBC" as being checked. Ideally, I want to use Instant Web Publishing, but I don't have an Advanced server, so instead I want to publish it with PHP. How do I get those other boxes to be checked? 


As you can probably tell, I am fresh-off-the-boat with FileMaker. I've never administered any database before, and I've been working with FileMaker for about two half-days. :(


Thanks for everyone's help!