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Filemaker Admin Console 11 Securing only uploaden databases.

Question asked by SysteembeheerAT on Sep 29, 2011
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Filemaker Admin Console 11 Securing only uploaden databases.

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Dear FM users,

Iám new here also FM is for me new. So I got a qeestion about securing and uploading database only.

I setup a FM advanced server by using windows server 2008R2 and IIS7. Everything is working fine! The database is approachable also more people can work with it. However now is the question, If I want to upload a database i must always go to the filemaker admin console and login with an admin account. I want secure that so nobody have the rights to get on the server settings. However is ther a possiblity to make a new user under filemaker admin pro but secure this one only to upload the file. Like a printer html based thing Read and write only or upload only.

The server is now in production and i want to crash it down now.


I hope to hear.



Roderik de Haar