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    filemaker and jdbc



      filemaker and jdbc

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      I would like to use the JDBC driver to access FileMaker 8 Server Advanced. I have tried using the included JDBC driver, but I don't know what hibernate dialect to specify. You mention that your driver supports Hibernate, but you don't list what dialect to use either. I had a look at the documentation but couldn't find any information on using Hibernate with the SequeLinkDriver.

      We are using :
      DRIVER : com.ddtek.jdbc.sequelink.SequeLinkDriver
      URL : jdbc:sequelink://X.X.X.X:2399;user=XXX;serverDataSource=XXX

      However when we try to connect to the database the following exception is reported.

      "Hibernate Dialect must be explicitly set for database: FileMaker"

      Thanks in advance

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          Thank you for your post.


          Hibernate does not support FileMaker Pro.  A listing of databases that Hibernate supports can be found at http://www.hibernate.org/80.html.


          You can try some different dialects supported by Hibernate to find out which dialect comes closest to FileMaker.  In general, FileMaker does neither supports nor tests any object-relational mapping software.



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            I am trying to use JDBC to connect filemaker database in FMSA 11.


            Before that, i can make this work in  Filemaker 10 with the setting like below in FM 10.


            In Filemaker FMpro database needs to be open!

            Enable ODBC/JDBC sharing in FMpro.

            Create a Username/password for coldfusion in your database.

            Install the JDBC drvier from the FM CD - run the .jar file from the CD, it's an installer which will prompt for an install location, create and choose ~/desktop/newfolder/ and when the installer is finished copy the contents of ~/desktop/newfolder/driver/lib/ (sljc.jar and sljcne.rar) to your CF7 /lib/ folder



            In Coldfusion: create a data source using 'other' as the driver type.

            JDBC URL= 'jdbc:sequelink://;serverdatasource=test'

            Driver class= com.ddtek.jdbc.sequelink.SequeLinkDriver

            Driver name= whatever you want, 'FM Pro' or something

            User Name= the user you created earlier in your FM database

            Password= the pass for the FM user you made.


            Is there something be changed from ver 10 to 11?


            Please help.