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    Filemaker and PHP



      Filemaker and PHP

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      This is my fist job about Filemaker, and I need to connect Filemaker with PHP. My problem is that I don´t know how to execute my projects. When I execute a normal code in my local server with PHP, the url is: localhost/file_name  but when I work with Filemaker, I don´t know how is it.


      Does anybody help me, please??




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          Hi Rubi,

          Thanks for posting!


          To access your FileMaker PHP site you would use: http://<ip address>/<site path> 


          We have a great resource on the FileMaker website that covers configuring and using FileMaker PHP located here:



          Alternatively, you can access this document by: www.filemaker.com > support > downloads > documentation and publication > product documentation


          Hope this helps,


          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Thanks a lot! It was a basic mistake...jej. Now, I have other problem, I am testing an example of Filemaker: FM_Sample.php, do you know? The problem is that it displays an error: Error: Unable to open file. It means that it doesn´t find the Filemaker.php file, but I don't know why, because I am writing the correct route.


            Thank you!