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FileMaker Application Error

Question asked by aladdin on Jan 30, 2014


FileMaker Application Error

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     Dear All,

     I am new to FileMaker Server.

     I run FileMaker Server on VM using MS Windows Server 2008 R2.

     Now I have a problem when users access to use FileMaker application is freezing.

     What I can see on the Administrative Events the sequence of event as follow

     Event id 1111 - TerminalServices-Printers  (error)

     Event id 1000 - Application Error (error)

     Event id 1111 - TerminalServices-Printers (error)

     Event id 661 -  FileMaker Server 13 (warning)

     I keep monitoring the sequences  for a few day as I have known so far once reboot the VM this seems to solve the problem, but this does not a solution for me.

     Please advise.