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FileMaker database backup fails with error database not open

Question asked by dbcitycr on Feb 1, 2010


FileMaker database backup fails with error database not open

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Good morning,


I am NEW to FileMaker server.  

I have a windows server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and FileMaker Server version 5.


I inherited the FileMaker server as I am the SQL DBA, and when I did there were several scheduled jobs/tasks alread created on the server.


These include:

Close Server (runs every day at 9PM)

Open Server (runs every day at 2AM and 5AM)

HapToday (disabled)

FMP_Backup (runs every day at 10AM and 11PM)


The Close, Open, and FMP_Backup were running ok. The HapToday was not so I ran it to see what type of error was occurring. I fixed the error (bad path/file name) and let it run. It succeeded.


I also installed FileMaker Admin plug-in on the server as it was not previously installed. This also succeeded and I am now able to see more info about database files open and processes running.


However, now when I try to run the FMP_Backup for one of three databases I get the following error: Schedule "FMP_Backup" aborted; "no open databases to operate on." A\Happy BU\SundayHappy3\


The database is open because application users are writing to it, so I'm not sure what this error means? It is preventing the FMP_Backup job from running.


Please assist if able.

Thank you!