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Filemaker Database locks up

Question asked by alex.hellier on Oct 8, 2009
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Filemaker Database locks up

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We are running FM server Advance 10 on OS X 10.5 server

We are having every couple of days the same sort of error where the databases appear to be operational, but the database locks up. We have traced it to our products file and this allows you to search etc , but you cannot write to the database. This then has a knock on effect of locking all the other databases that relate to it as scripts etc try to write to procuts. If they are not trying to write, they will usually work.


We have many databases (44) many are ancillary and little used. 

We have cloned products and reimported and this seemed to make a little difference but it is still happening.

Filemaker server logs are not showing anything wrong.

The server itself is purring along quite happily.


When we come to stop the databases FMSAdmin shows 'closing' but never completes the close operation.


Please help!