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Filemaker Database Server Stops

Question asked by tannerellen on Jun 15, 2009
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Filemaker Database Server Stops

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I have an Oct Core mac Pro with 8GB of ram and MacOS 10.5.4.  It is running filemaker server advanced 10 installed in a 1 machine config.  About once a week, usually on saturdays sometimes on sundays the database just stops.  All I need to do is open the admin console and click the button to start the database again but it is very frustrating.


I have formatted the hard drive multiple times and re-installed everything.  I was running macos 10.5.6 before and the database never stopped but the WPE module would.  Then I went down to 10.5.4 and the database stops.  When I look in the logs one of my scheduled scripts always seems to be the thing that triggers it as the log shows the script starting but not finishing.  The thing that is weird is that I run those scheduled scripts multiple times a day and it works just fine.  Then after a week the problem happens.  It also doesn't always happen on the same script, it seems to be arbitrary.  I know other users have been having similar issues and to my knowledge there is no resolution as of yet. 


I am pulling my hair out and we are running our whole company on this database.  Please help!