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FileMaker Discover suddenly Stopped working

Question asked by jault on Nov 18, 2008
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FileMaker Discover suddenly Stopped working

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So we have 2 filemaker servers on the network.  One shows up and discovers just fine.  The other one doesn't show up and can't be discovered.  You can connect to it just fine when you specify the IP so it's up -- but we can't seem to discover it.


We tested the communications and BonJour by launching the itunes on that same FileMaker server and we can see it show up on the client PC -- so BonJour is running and it's not blocked. But we just can't discover filemaker on that server.  What's going on?


Any ideas, tips, hints?  Is there something we have to enable on the server?  Has filemaker stopped properly utiling BonJour? How can we get it going again?