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Filemaker External Database Searches coming back incorrectly

Question asked by user14691 on Apr 8, 2009
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Filemaker External Database Searches coming back incorrectly

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Software Products Involved:

Server - Filemaker Server 10 &  ODBC Administrator - Version 1.1.0

Filemaker Pro 10- Administrator



Operating Systems Involved

Administrator Operating System -  Mac OS X Version 10.5.6

Server Operating System - Mac OS X Server Version 10.5.6


Description of Problem:

Our Filemaker databases are currently connected to the mysql tables that we use for our member websites using the ODBC Driver. (Website database system is officially called Community Builder). We have set the records up in filemaker so they each have a unique user id that links them to our filemaker database.


Within the filemaker database we have it set up so the fields from the mysql database or table are the fields that we are using to enter data directly into. ie: first name, last name, address, city, state, etc


So the only fields that are actually originating from the filemaker database are additional items for tracking such as dues payments, conference reg etc.


The problem we are  having is that if we do a find from the filemaker database on one of the mysql fields such as state it doesn't find all of the records it should. For example: do a find using the mysql field for state and enter FL for Florida. We have 287 members in Florida but the database only returns 3 from the find.