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    Filemaker in the "cloud"



      Filemaker in the "cloud"

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           We are a non-profit organization and we are trying to determine if it is beneficial to move Filemaker to the cloud.  Our current scenario os Filemaker Server version 9.0 on an outdated G4 series MAC.  Some clients are running Filemaker Pro ver 11 while most are still on ver 9.  Would it benefit us to move to Filemaker Server version 11 in a cloud environment and if so does anyone have any recommendations on a provider?  Also what if any downfalls are there to using Filemaker in a cloud environment?

           Thank you in advance.

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               There are a number of companies that offer to host FileMaker databases. I can't recommend one over another for you but I will point out the most obvious change should you choose to use such a service: The connection speeds are generally slower than that of connecting over the LAN to your own server. Whether this makes for unacceptable delays can depend on the design of your database and how you need to use it. So don't commit to a long term contract until you've tried them out for a short period to make sure everyting is acceptable for your particular users.