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Filemaker integration with a corporate information services via XML

Question asked by Teseo on Jul 29, 2009
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Filemaker integration with a corporate information services via XML

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We are doing some prospections in order to know if is there any possibility to integrate Filemaker server advanced (and some filemaker pro as a user clients) within a corporate information system that accepts xml as the only format to exchange information with third part applications.


As far as we know filemaker can "get" information via XML from other applications by doing url "requests" and parsing the xml data received from that in different ways, but the main issue in that case is to write some FileMaker data into the corportate information software using XML. (to use odbc or jdb is not a possibility in that case, because they have some procedures before write data into their databases)


We were thinking about the possibility to use a kind of php script who would act as as "calling-parser" receiving data from filemaker url request (extracting the values from $_request['var x'] and doing then the corporate information services call from whitin PHP), but we are not sure that it would work with text fields with large contents...


Has anyone some experience in this kind of integration?.Any Idea about how we can plan this kind of issues?.




Thanks a lot in advanced.